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Creative Wave – 13th April

Laura Walsh
Mariah Carey stars in the new Hostel World ad (via Seb) A really interesting video on bridging the gap between online and offline retail experiences (via Fernando) Cillian Murphy sat in for Iggy Pop on BBC 6Music and it was really good,...
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Berry Bros. & Rudd appoints BBD Perfect Storm to reposition The King’s Ginger

Jason Foo
LONDON – Royally-appointed wine and spirits merchant Berry Bros. & Rudd is launching a new brand positioning developed by BBD Perfect Storm for its liqueur brand, The King’s Ginger. The work marks a shift in strategy for The King’s Ginger....
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A Brief History of Catvertising

Gavin Finney
Before there were gifs there were memes. And before there were memes there were lolcats. These were wonderfully low-fi combinations of incongruous cat imagery and often-grammatically-incorrect text that ruled the internet in the early-2000s. The name is of course a...
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Perfect Storm win ‘Best Outdoor’ at the 2017 Creative Pool Awards

Gavin Finney
Yes, after all the snow settled (and melted), our friendly neighbourhood snowman DeFrosty found himself crowned winner of the highly-competitive Best Outdoor category, and is just – as we speak – settling into his new home in the golden 2017 Creative...
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Perfect Storm nominated for FIVE Creative Pool Awards

Gavin Finney
And you – yes, you – can help us win! Simply follow the links below and click ‘vote’ in all the right places: – Best Illustration for Jake’s phenomenal 2016 snapshot, What a Time To Be Alive – Best Outdoor campaign for...
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(Don’t) label me

Gavin Finney
  I get why brands started using labels. If I’m Levi’s and you’re buying my jeans, it makes sense that I should make sure everyone else knows you’re wearing Levi’s. You’re giving me money, and now you’re giving me free...
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Women: Still Knowingly Undersold

Lianne Rivett
If 2014 and 2015 marked a seismic shift in marketing to women, then 2016 has been a starkly depressing reminder that gender equality is still a long way off. Nike’s ‘Better For It’ created a perfect vision of the empowered...
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BBD Perfect Storm launches the SKINS (un)official language for sport in time for the Olympics: Esportanto

Jacob Hill-Gowing
Aussie sportswear brand, SKINS, and BBD Perfect Storm want to unite fans from every country and background by launching the first (un)official language – Esportanto – for sport. Esportanto uses emojis to cross language boundaries in a way that previously...
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Daisy Proctor
Rich teenager or social media genius? When Kylie Jenner first appeared on her family reality show, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, who would have thought that she would hold such influence on today’s pop-culture. Unlike other celebrities who are famous...
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