SKINS is the Aussie challenger brand that invented sports compression wear. They make the most advanced compression technology on the market; garments scientifically proven to improve performance, worn by some of the best athletes in the world.

SKINS make great looking products, but they value substance over image.

The sporting apparel market was becoming increasingly concerned with fashion, allowing form to overtake function.

We needed to remind serious amateurs what really matters when it comes to sporting apparel, re-affirming SKINS as the ultimate performance brand and supporting our brand platform: It’s Equipment, Not Clothing.

SKINS aren’t afraid to tell it how it is. They are a self-confident, straight-talking brand with Aussie attitude. So we decided to tackle the market head on.

BBD Perfect Storm_Website_Skin_80276_1

The idea: ‘Glam Slam’.

A cheeky yet powerful brand film, designed to contrast SKINS’ values against the follies of fashion in a way that only SKINS could. After all, what the f*** does Stella McCartney know about sport?!

The film was distributed across all of SKINS digital platforms, including their e-tail site, Facebook page and YouTube channel. Furthermore, we further leveraged the content across 3rd party e-commerce retailer sites to support our product pages and had POS units playing the film in hero bricks and mortar retailers.

The result? The film garnered over 612,000 views on YouTube and sales were up year-on-year by 7.2%.