Getting people to understand the need for Life Insurance is a tough sell. However, research we conducted for VitalityLife showed that certain life stages, such as having children or moving home, tend to trigger consideration and purchase.

VitalityLife are still relatively new to the D2C market, having launched their direct offering in early 2014. Whilst the brand was being built through increased advertising activity, it was still important to drive leads. Moreover, with a game-changing yet complex proposition, that aims to keep consumers healthy and engaged through a rewards and discounts program, we needed to consider targeted, long dwell-time communications that allowed us to tell the brand story and offering on a personal level.

Based on the above insight, we designed an acquisition program and presented a phased approach that included an initial pilot to test channels, messaging and offer incentives. We also developed an ROI model for the business to benchmark investment and success in the pilot phase and, eventually, over the greater life of the campaign.

We defined the parameters of the pilot to target initially just one life stage – Post-Movers – through DM, and split test two offers to see what resonated most with our audience.

Because we needed a channel that was targeted and facilitated long dwell-time, DM was the obvious medium. We also hoped to create cut through by developing a more emotive and tangible piece of collateral for the consumer to engage with. The format we designed was premium and had presence, and allowed the prospective customer to literally ‘unpack’ the Vitality proposition in an engaging and provoking way.

The DM pilot is currently in market and, whilst the final results will remain confidential, interim feedback has indicated that the response rate is climbing.