Changing Up A Gear: Repositioning Wiggle

Wiggle is the UK’s biggest online bike shop. Wiggle may have grown quickly, but they haven’t lost the love of cycling that got them into their business and inspired their purpose – “to help everyone, everywhere get out and enjoy the thrill of the ride”.

Wiggle’s passion for cycling really sets it apart. This was the brand truth we focused on to position them as ‘For the Good Stuff’ – championing the ‘good stuff’ cyclists love and simplifying decisions for customers by stocking only the ‘good stuff’ that passionate cyclists would recommend.

To bring the positioning to life we started a movement for cyclists to ‘Share the Good Stuff’ and the best content will be made into ads. The launch campaign features staff and customers and the little moments of cycling joy that only cycling insiders know. The campaign launched to coincide with the Tour de France in July.