A Perfect Storm

Brands are living in an age of chaos and indifference. We’re expanding into a multi-channel, real-time world; yet consumers are more ambivalent and distrusting than ever.

Most organisations recognise the need for a clear statement of their ‘Purpose,’ the organising thought to focus activity and give people a reason to care. But while plenty of attention has been paid to Purpose in theory, far less has been done about Purpose in practice.

We shape culture not by reflecting it, but by setting the agenda. We realise Purpose not by jumping on a safe bandwagon, but by tackling difficult issues and igniting the heat in the conversation. Purpose means nothing on paper.  It’s deeds, not words.  To credibly put it into practice you need to be a Purposeful Pioneer.

Be useful or be obsolete.

Today business has access to more data and more processing power than at any other time in history. But at the same time, traditional marketing methods have far less influence over consumers than ever they had.

So today is an explosively fragmented, rapidly changing, data-driven, always-on, always-accessible, converging, real-time, omni-channel connected world in which consumers (who will no longer pay a premium for something they know to be made-up and unreal) are in charge as never before.

It demands a new kind of approach.


What kind of agency are we?

Something entirely new.
We can be a little hard to classify.
We exist because the nature of advertising is changing fundamentally.
We’re about the possibilities of technology, fuelled by the potential of big data.
And because this is changing how people relate to and experience brands.

We create Go2brandsTM

Well, we’re independent which means we always do the right thing for our clients, not a holding company. We will always say what we think. And we are prepared to stake our fees on our performance.

We’re futurephiles, so we keep a keen eye on trends and technologies to be able to innovate within new brand stories.

We listen. Listening is at the heart of how we work,our methodology, but we also like to make sure we really understand the problem or objective. So we’ll ask questions, but we promise to listen well.

We are by definition a challenger brand ourselves, so we like to be challenged by our clients – to be expected constantly to think a bit harder, create a bit better and, well, to keep being interesting.

Our Clients